Saber Rainpal® Se Adapta A Tu Casco

Adam Aarons

Plantillas descargables estarán disponibles en nuestro sitio web que usted puede colocar en su casco y si la plantilla se adapte a usted saber que Rainpal® fit. Las plantillas para la medición de ambos horizontal y vertical de la variación.

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  • Nick Whittle en

    Looks like a great product. Will this fit my Shoei GT Air? When will this be available to purchase? Rgds …👍

  • Marcin en

    I woul like to use rain oak with my arai renegade v with sun shield system e. g. External sun shade. I wonder if this fits.

  • Ted Mamayek en

    Where are these on your site? I have a hjc snowmobile helmet. Are these currently being shipped or still design? If you need snowmobile testers, I will volunteer.

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